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Bloom will design brides and bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, table centerpieces, small arches and focals.  When possible, flowers grown on the farm will be used. If flowers are not available on the farm, or it is off season,  bloom will purchase flowers from a trusted distributor.  Pricing varies depending on pieces ordered, flower variety and availability.  For the DIY bride, buckets of flowers can be purchased when surplus exists.  Please contact me for a free 1 hour consult.


boutonniere in black mountain and the asheville area of north carolina
wedding flower arrangements in black mountain and the asheville area of north carolina
wedding bouquet design in asheville and black mountain




Bloom offers unique, and truly specialty flowers that are lovingly grown on my mini-farm in Western North Carolina. During March-October flower subscriptions are offered. Flower subscriptions are the best way to guarantee that you receive the first and best cuts of unique flowers that change as the season progresses. Options are weekly, bi monthly or monthly bouquets. All subscription flowers are grown locally using intensive succession planting methods to get the most flowers out of a small plot of land.  Each year new varieties are added to the mix.

Subscriptions can be paid by spring, summer, or dahlia season, or by monthly auto-withdraws with the link below. The auto-draw option will keep the flowers coming for the entire growing season and can be stopped at any time.    


Weekly subscription: Large bouquet full of vibrant blooms from the garden. These bouquets are hand tied, and in a Kraft paper sleeve. Perfect for the flower loving person, or to adorn business entrances. Pick up is at the flower stand or delivered in the Black Mountain. $75 a month

Bi-monthly: Same large bouquet full of vibrant blooms twice a month. $40 a month

Monthly: Same large bouquet for $20 a month

Bucket subscription: Would you rather make your own arrangements? Or do you have a business and want local flowers to set your tables? Then perhaps the bucket subscription would be ideal. A bucket full of fresh seasonal blooms and greenery. 2x a month. $120

Apricot dahlia, August 2017

Apricot dahlia, August 2017

Abigail Helberg Moffitt owner of bloom - flower farm, florist, and delivery in Black Mountain and the Asheville area of North Carolina.

Bloom can design all sorts of arrangements for events for special occasions. Visit the products and gallery section to learn more.


flower crowns in black mountain and the asheville area of north carolina
Daffodils and Narcissus, Spring 2018

Daffodils and Narcissus, Spring 2018